Characters. On top is a very early incarnation of the main character. The bottom is the refined version. I'm not sure if I should have stuck closer to the one on top. Last night I assured it'd be easier to draw expression out of the newer one but now I'm not so sure. The dress might have been a better idea too and I liked the rougher feel of that design. Uuughh I don't know. So little time.


Bought a new sketchbook while I was in Cork for 99c. Here is some of the things I put in it. The top and bottom ones are to do with my ideas for my grad!film. The middle ones were observational. I forgot all about Dancin' Dave. I think everyone in the Cork area knows of him. Nice of him to put in an appearance the day I was in the city for the first time in a half a year.
On the whole, I find it very difficult to gauge whether I've gotten better or worse at drawing since I started college.




 Need to work out a character that has enough of the iconic gyaru-style look I want and then simplify t back. I'm starting to feel the process will take approximately a million drawings. Especially having trouble with the eyes and hair. 
The manga idea I want to get in as the influence of that kind of pop culture on their lives. 
that's exactly how it happens irl too you guys.