Please bear with us: film production set back one week due to some problems with animation and continuity. Thank you for your patience.

My drawing style has started to change again which messed up some scenes because I didn't notice until I ran them side by side. So I'm having to alter some and completely reanimate other scenes now (+ adding some things to bridge awkward transitions). Sigh. The drawings in my sketchbook at the end of the day are the images released frustration of having to draw the old way which has the weird sensation of taking a step back in time. Ew.


Characters. On top is a very early incarnation of the main character. The bottom is the refined version. I'm not sure if I should have stuck closer to the one on top. Last night I assured it'd be easier to draw expression out of the newer one but now I'm not so sure. The dress might have been a better idea too and I liked the rougher feel of that design. Uuughh I don't know. So little time.


Bought a new sketchbook while I was in Cork for 99c. Here is some of the things I put in it. The top and bottom ones are to do with my ideas for my grad!film. The middle ones were observational. I forgot all about Dancin' Dave. I think everyone in the Cork area knows of him. Nice of him to put in an appearance the day I was in the city for the first time in a half a year.
On the whole, I find it very difficult to gauge whether I've gotten better or worse at drawing since I started college.