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Hello, I'm Robin.

I'm interested in how good design creates positive connections, new possibilities and ways of thinking.

  • Illustration & Design - visual communication tool which is currently main occupation. Editorial illustration, maps, comics & animations are some projects I've worked on. It allows me to explore shape and colour and the emotional impact they have, something I've always been passionate about.

  • Food & Specialty Coffee - From the soil to the plate, I'm interested in every stage, especially interested in local food. Specialty coffee holds a lot of the same slow food-type ethos in excellence and sustainability and I also work with people in these industries whether it's pop-ups, festivals secret suppers etc. In Ireland I ran Gruel Guerrilla with the local food advocate, the outstanding Mr. Kevin Powell.

  • Aikido - For me this is exploring the possibilities of connection from a different angle, in that there is a physical dimension and cause and effect is immediate. I've been training since 2011, first in Dublin and currently in Kyoto.

I'm always on the lookout for new collaborators and projects.

Selected Clients:

  • Speciality Coffee Association of America (USA)

  • Paper Panther Productions (Ireland)

  • Barley Films (Ireland)

  • Airi Publishing (Japan)

  • Standart Magazine (Slovakia/Japan)

  • Kyoto University (Japan)

  • Has Bean Coffee (UK)

  • Kai Cafe + Restaurant (Ireland)

  • The Barn Coffee Roasters (Germany)

  • Midori Farm (Japan)


Drop me a line: hello@hoshinorobin.com