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 Hello. Mid-break. Haven't been drawing anything. I have been doing a bit of tidying up of my folders though and I found these two drawings which I ended up not using for anything. They were meant for the Yanmama project I was doing last year. That's right, happy 2011. It'll be lovely, don't worry.




 Need to work out a character that has enough of the iconic gyaru-style look I want and then simplify t back. I'm starting to feel the process will take approximately a million drawings. Especially having trouble with the eyes and hair. 
The manga idea I want to get in as the influence of that kind of pop culture on their lives. 
that's exactly how it happens irl too you guys.


Right now it's something like this. I wish I was as excited about this idea now as I was yesterday.


Just been looking at one of the official I ♥ Mama blogs. 
.... I don't even know what I think anymore. Also, it's starting to be weird how impossible it is to get any info on the fathers of these happy families. Idk if that makes me want to throw the whole thing or do a father-centered story even more. Is that too clichéd? Considering the probability that a lot of these yanmama are also shinmama.

Great obasan VS yanmama video is great