So weak for pokemon

So I watched some Pokemon Best Wishes cause I'm all done with pre-Christmas work \o/ I... I. really like Dento ;; I was never one of those girls to have a Brock crush but FFFFF this guy dresses as a waiter (with a bowtie), has a grass type monkey pokemon (Yanappu is adorable and does backflips when he's happy) AND having Mamoru Miyano's voice helps A LOT.

I'm so easy and predictable with the kind of characters I like. I will do a post about this soon.

Brown Bag Lecture

 Today I attended a guest lecture in college by Darragh O'Connell of Brown Bag Films. I like listening to lectures but I'm bad at watching them because something about listening to someone speak into a microphone from a podium generates a powerful urge to draw and I become too absorbed in drawing to look up. Sometimes I can't actually manage to draw anything and then I suffer through the lecture in a state of artistic constipation but today was a good day and I filled five pages of my pocket notebook which you can see here along with my coherent and relevant notes! Wow, it's like you were there too ですね。I was watching pokemon last night. Can you tell?

moar pokemons

I have a long history of naming pokemon after people/characters. Can you guess who my Roseila-soon-to-be-Roserade is named after?
[It's Holiday after Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's]

Quagsire is one of my favourite pokemon ever. I've used one in every game they've been catchable in since GS. My current one is called Odhran; one of my favourite names ever. I first heard it when I met a kid called Odhran Hayes-Brennan; I think he has an amazing name. I'm a bit jealous, even still. So I named a pokemon after him.

My pokemons, let me show you.

Drawing pokemon to waste time take a break from work. Did a Ralts for my facebook page for pokemon week. Then a Nidoking for Hideo because it was his birthday this week and Nidoking is his fav from the original 150.

With pokemon I was always disappointed with my apparent inability to stylize them in the way other artists do and make them cooler/cuter looking; instead favouring accuracy to the designs. SO HEY what you lack in talent and creativity, you can always make up in textures and photoshop, right?
As far as fanart goes, pokemon are pretty interesting to draw. I definitely want to challenge myself to looser, more personal representations of pokemon in the future.