daily disaster

No bike.

Today I took part in a karate competition. The low point of the day was that I had gotten a lift to Tallaght and had to I wait four hours after I had finished competing for same back home. The other passengers were a bit drunk and blaring every god-awful pop song they could find on the radio at ear-splitting level while I looked out the window and thought of England.


I was helping out with a kumite competition for kids today at my dojo. Some of the kids were hilarious. This one kid acted like he had an epic kung-fu soundtrack in his head the whole time... or thought he was Vegeta from DBZ. When I was fixing his dogi before his match he looked across at his opponent said in a dark voice: "Let's see what he's got." Also, he didn't walk; only stomped. After every round he'd wheeze like crazy even though he obviously wasn't out of breath. INTENSE.


Some guys who are moving into a new place today to live like real human adults. In naming this file I discovered their combined firstname initials spell ARC which seems almost unfairly cool. (or car if you prefer).

I enjoy the character-driven situational comedy suggested by the contrasting head shapes.Yay visual language! Media conditioning! \o/

I need to stop doing this kind of thing. Constantly posting doodles of people I know irl makes me feel like a wiener.

I should draw something

I haven't been drawing lately. There are two reasons for this: One is that drawing is now basically my 9-5 job. It's not terribly exciting stuff to look at either. Two is when I'm not working all my non-drawing related other interests fight for my time. I don't know if you can tell from the spectrum of the reading material here, but I have a lot of interests and if I were to represent them with a pile of books like this, it would be about three times the size.

I miss drawing for myself sometimes but I seem to have lost the knack of making images that I actually like. Unless I get some thunderbolt inspiration, it'll take a long time to build back up a style and a direction to pursue I think. I don't want to bore people with shit guilt-doodles in the mean time so I'm going to stop posting them.

Idle Hands

Hahahahaha;;;; Niamh told me to draw Kazuya x Lee from Tekken fanart. She even provided inspirational fic. I couldn't read that but look - I did the CUTEST FANART anyway. Idek.
I feel bad for posting rough stuff on my blog but I said I'd post this too. My first awful attempts at Lee and Kazuya. The fish says it all. This is why I resorted to stupid when I drew the pink picture. I couldn't think of any interesting composition of them that wasn't glaring or looking like they were about to face off. You can just play the games for that :/

LIIIIIIING. My old Tekken favourite. (Forget Jin already girl, it'll never happen.) I ended up drawing her when I realised how much I can't draw super built men.

And then in life:

Steady on

I was in Tesco just after Christmas and was horrified to see they had already cleared their wall of Christmas confectionery in favour of, not Valentine's gifts as you might think but: Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. WAT. It's (was at that point) FOUR MONTHS AWAY D:

I just wanted to share that fact. Having drawn this quickly as a sort of experiment seemed like a good opportunity to mention it.

Brown Bag Lecture

 Today I attended a guest lecture in college by Darragh O'Connell of Brown Bag Films. I like listening to lectures but I'm bad at watching them because something about listening to someone speak into a microphone from a podium generates a powerful urge to draw and I become too absorbed in drawing to look up. Sometimes I can't actually manage to draw anything and then I suffer through the lecture in a state of artistic constipation but today was a good day and I filled five pages of my pocket notebook which you can see here along with my coherent and relevant notes! Wow, it's like you were there too ですね。I was watching pokemon last night. Can you tell?