food truck

Crepes in the City Airstream

Last year I got asked by the lovely people at Crepes in the City to design decals for their new airstream food truck. If possible they wanted their chef mascot incorporated and something reminiscent of 1950s graphic design. 

It was my first time working on something to be printed on a 3d surface and on such a large scale. There was a lot to think about and a lot of measuring and fearing printing accidents but they came out exactly as hoped and the clients were happy. Hurray.

One personal feeling about the overall result was the images weren't as cohesive as one design overall in the end - just lots of spots as extra little requests were added on. Also I think in future I would work starting with the back because the illustrations I finished last turned out to be my favourite because by that time I'd worked out the style. 

This is what the truck looked like:

They also asked me to make the menu boards for all their trailers. Here's the ones I did especially for their trailer at Bloom.

For some reason I felt compelled to hand write everything. I think it works better with the blackboard look I suppose. So the crepes trailers have had a little tidy-up and you should go check them out if you're around Dublin or any of the festivals they're operating at this summer!