05 Nikogaku, FIGHT!

Sekigawa from ROOKIES. Ever since he had the balls to stand up to the other guys and consequently had his face broken off the bathroom tiles by Shinjo in episode one it was love. 以外と優しい男で好き☆
And he can run; FAST.

04 Hard-boiled!

Going back to the character meme, though this one feels like a bit of a cheat. Shoutarou from Kamen Rider W. I find it hard to tell if I genuinely love this character or if I just think Kiriyama Renn looks great in a suit and trilby hat. I suspect I'll err more on the side of character love when I watch the last ten episodes of the series which I'm currently downloading. Double was a good series. It had a distinct look and character and was very clear about that. I haven't a clue what they're trying for with OOOs except maybe to cook up some horrible Kuuga/555 casserole. But I digress...
Not a very exciting post, sorry.

03 Allow me

Lulu, Final Fantasy X.

Since everyone can learn everything in X, it made me sad that Lulu loses her specialness as a mage pretty early :c Loved her design the second I saw her. Not to mention her weapon has a doll. Ahh.. these were the things I liked about Final Fantasy...

02 Those dolls in the underground...

Vivi, Final Fantasy IX.

Picture:Hm. Not quite how I wanted it.
Comment:Hands down my favourite character in all of FF. The scene with the mages falling off the airship broke my heart :'S

 Edit:  extra Vivi because I was pretty exhausted when I drew the other one last night and because he's special.

01 A bear, you say.

It's difficult to capture personified madness that is Nango-sempai. Most of my attempts to draw him end up as a page of frenzied scribbles. He's way OTT and the whole show (Delicious Gakuin) is completely retarded but it kind of works for me and he's remained one of my favourite characters ever.

Oh yeah btw, jumping on the band wagon and going to try drawing twenty of my favourite characters from tv/game/other pop culture mediums.