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04 Hard-boiled!

Going back to the character meme, though this one feels like a bit of a cheat. Shoutarou from Kamen Rider W. I find it hard to tell if I genuinely love this character or if I just think Kiriyama Renn looks great in a suit and trilby hat. I suspect I'll err more on the side of character love when I watch the last ten episodes of the series which I'm currently downloading. Double was a good series. It had a distinct look and character and was very clear about that. I haven't a clue what they're trying for with OOOs except maybe to cook up some horrible Kuuga/555 casserole. But I digress...
Not a very exciting post, sorry.

Moving In

Making an effort draw more often. Just small things. I think I've gotten that disease of only drawing existing characters from stuff. The good thing about drawing characters from obscure Japanese dramas though is that no one knows it's fanart.