mugs for beans


To all my coffee friends*: Announcing MUGS FOR BEANS: a monthly bit of fun where in exchange for a bag of delicious coffee I will draw a little portrait shot of you.

*You don't have to be my friend for real but you should be into coffee to take part.


  • First, if you don't already you'll need to follow me on instagram (@merryko).
  • When you see #mugsforbeans post a comment with your coffee on offer: 
  • [Roaster + Coffee Details] is the format.
  • After twenty four hours from the point of posting the competition is closed and I chose a winner.
  • You send me your mug to be drawn (doesn't have to be your own) and I'll send you the postal address. When your coffee gets to me, you'll get your portrait.

 Here's some examples of what you can expect: