Gesture Drawings

These are some of my sketches from gesture drawing on Monday night down at The Guiness Enterprise Centre. My first formal life drawing session in a long time. Having someone hold a pose for one or two minutes was luxury since I've only been drawing from life on the street or off tv.

Wasn't bad for a first class but there's lots of stuff to improve on. Drawings I liked tended to be the one where I imagined the 'story' of the pose before I drew it so I could push it a little. Any time where I just bashed straight into drawing the figure was a disaster.

Things to improve on: clearer poses, cleaner lines - stop drawing psedo-construction lines (old habit), pushing the acting (still holding back on that somehow). Also think too much when it comes to drawing the faces and sort of freeze and then struggle to get any sort of head in in the allotted time. Need to get the whole drawing to connect more without the drawings becoming too floaty looking.