Still getting to grips with new Photoshop and new Wacom. The Intuos 3 had no surface resistance whatsoever so I`m finding that weird with the Intuos pro. Not only that but the pro has different nibs some for creating even more paper like- experience. I draw with ball points on newsprint a lot so I`m not super keen on that tbh but I suppose I`ll get used to it.

I`ve been trying to create a routine and to keep drawing away every day until something happens. That`s a challenge with the heat we have here in Kyoto at the moment. Basically drenched in sweat all day. And then maybe the heavens will suddenly open on you when you go out for some air and then you`re just drenched in general and it`s hard to tell if that`s better or worse. 

So anyway here are two quick things from today. A friendly deer and a guy with many cats.

Hopefully in doing these little bits and pieces some development will be evident. I feel like I`ve said that before. Anyway. Happy Sunday.