Gruel Guerrilla

In Ireland we have fantastic produce: from local, organic fruit and vegetables to artisan cheese, bread, meats. There are amazing people who have started sustainable trout farms, grow shiitake mushrooms in the mountains and brew fantastic beers right on our doorstep. At the time Kevin Powell and I (pictured above) felt like people in Ireland were just not as excited about this as we were and we thought to shout about it a bit. We also let people into our house to savour a seasonal meal which was several courses in length. Eventually other people around us also got a bit excited about the great things we were showing them and  we started to venture out into the wider world to do collaborations and pop-ups all over Ireland. Collaborators have included H&G Productions, Tamp & Stitch Cafe & Failte Ireland.

Gruel Guerrilla homepage is here.


Food + Event Design

First we find the food. It could be by meeting a fabulous grower/producer or sometimes we literally find it. Foraging seasonal herbs and plants is something we are increasingly passion about and love to learn about wild edibles from our more expert friends. We then preserve these by drying, fermenting pickling and so on for future use. 

Then we design menus based on what's available to us. When working with clients this means also the budget and any physical constraints of the venue etc. We have pulled off miracles in this regard. There are many stories. 



The design bit

One part of GG work for me was menu poster design. At one point we were doing events every week. I got to experiment a lot with different layouts and designs etc. You can see a gallery of these posters HERE.

Mr. Kevin Powell has a pretty good eye - he snaps most of our pretty food photos. All graphics and illustration are by me. This includes posters for events as mentioned above, as well as all graphics for the brand and other things such as maps for walking tours Kevin sometimes gets asked to host. I also drew many pictures of Kevin. And gorillas. All part of the branding.